1.4 billion user names and passwords leaked

Posted 15th December 2017 News, Technical

Security researchers have discovered a new database on the dark web that contains 1.4 billion user names and password combinations in clear text. While scouring the dark web for stolen, leaked or lost data, researchers at 4iQ found the 41GB file with an interactive, aggregate database dubbed the largest ever found in the dark web to date.

The records have been aggregated from various sources, earlier data breaches and credential lists. According to 4iQ, the passwords came from credential lists like Anti Public, Exploit.in, as well as dumps from LinkedIn, MySpace, Netflix, Bitcoin, Pastebin, Last.FM, Zoosk, YouPorn, Badoo, RedBox and games such as Minecraft and Runescape.

Although breaches within this  list are already known and have been circulating for a while now, it was discovered that there are 463M unique passwords with around of them 143M being new. Out of this list the top password is 123456, followed by 123456789, qwerty, password and 111111.

At Mach one we always suggest setting a strong password, not using the same password for multiple accounts and where available, use 2 factor authentication.

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