Cyber Criminals Targeting Macs

Posted 14th June 2017 News, Technical, Tips

There is a pervasive belief, even among security professionals, that Apple Mac devices are immune to security breaches. We haven’t seen as many attacks targeted at Macs as historically they had such little market share when compared to Windows devices. For many cybercriminals, it just hasn’t been worth the time or effort to build tools to hack into Mac devices.

Not only are Macs continually gaining market share generally, they are now growing in popularity within a demographic that is potentially very attractive to attackers.

So as a Mac user what should you do? Fortinet have suggested 5 simple steps to protect yourself and your assets.

When it comes to security, the only constant is change, whether you’re considering the way networks are evolving or how these changes are creating new opportunities for criminals. This makes it imperative that you approach security from a holistic perspective. That includes making sure that you are protecting every device, including Macs, that you thought were secure.

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