macOS Ventura – Don’t Install It Quite Yet, plus other macOS updates

Posted 4th November 2022 News, Technical

Apple released a new operating system named Ventura Mac OS 13.0 on 28 October 2022. It’s likely to have some bugs, so we advise you NOT TO UPDATE TO VENTURA at this moment in time.

The various software vendors will be working on updates to provide support for it. In the new year we will review and notify our support customers when we are confident it’ll will run smoothly.

Apple have also released update patches for macOS Big Sur 11.7.1 and macOS Monterey 12.6.1. We recommend you run them and you can do it via System Preferences> Software Update, then click the “More Info” button under “Other updates are available”. Here you should be offered the 11.7.1 patch if you’re running Big Sur and 12.6.1 update if you’re running Monterey, plus there’s a Safari update. The updates can take up to 40 mins to complete. Make sure you save all of your work and quit all open applications, MacBook users will need their power adapters connected.



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