Worst password offenders of 2017

Posted 11th December 2017 News, Technical, Tips

Trump, Equifax, UK government and Republican Party top the list.

The year 2017 saw more than its fair share of data breaches, leaks and serious security incidents that rocked the globe, with confidential and sensitive data pilfered by hackers. As security experts have long warned, strong and secure passwords are one of the most basic security practices you can implement to safeguard your data online. However, people still rely on simple, easy-to-remember strings of characters to secure their online accounts, digital identities and personal information – including high-profile officials and major companies across the globe.

Digital security firm and password manager Dashlane has listed some of the government officials, major companies and notable figures that suffered the most embarrassing password-related gaffes this year. The full list can be found on The International Business Times

Earlier this year we shared a list of the Most Common Passwords of 2016; are you using one of these passwords?  If so, Cyber Aware gives you some great tips on how to create a strong passwords and advises that where available you should always use two-factor authentication.

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